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Burnside Eats Healthy Campaign

According to the 2016 Commercial District Needs Assessment conducted by SBS, consumers who shopped within the Burnside Avenue Commercial District area wanted “healthier choices” in terms of eating options and restaurants. Directly addressing this need, MHHC designed a Burnside Commercial District Corridor “menu” (Eat Healthy Menu) that will highlight healthy food options/meals for purchase by shoppers that visit any food merchant, bodega, restaurant or supermarket within the target area.

The campaign, created by MHHC and funded by a grant from the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS), is designed to promote healthy eating habits amongst consumers by highlighting healthful food options offered by merchants (supermarkets, bodegas, and restaurants) along Burnside Avenue. The goal is to encourage residents to opt for healthy food and make them aware that those healthier options exist at eateries all along Burnside Avenue.

The campaign will feature:

  • The first-of-its-kind healthy eats directory and menu guide in Morris Heights,
  • A series of food tours and food demonstrations to educate the community on healthy eating and portion control,
  • Special events in partnership with the small businesses to promote their healthy eating meals.

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