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Dental Care

A Healthy Smile Helps You Lead a Healthy Life!

One of the best results of good dental care is a beautiful, glowing smile! Did you know that your oral health and hygiene plays an important role in your overall physical wellbeing? Unfortunately, studies show that approximately half of Americans are not receiving regular dental care.

Making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy is very important! At MHHC, we offer a full range of dental care services. We believe that dental care is extremely important. Our patients' quality of life is greatly improved by regular oral care.

Just take a look at these fast facts:

  • Making sure that you see a dentist regularly can help with early diagnosis of many different illnesses, including leukemia, skin conditions, mental illness such as anxiety, diabetes, thyroid conditions, cancer, or hardened arteries.
  • Almost 75% of adults in America have some type of undiagnosed gum disease.
  • Gum disease can actually progress into serious, even life threatening conditions-including oral cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems.
  • Pregnant women with gum diseases are three to five times more likely to give birth prematurely.
  • Oral cancer is a major cause of death in the United States-higher than cervical cancer, skin cancer, and other conditions. More than 34,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. Early diagnosis could save your life.
  • Children are more likely to suffer from tooth decay than any other chronic disease. In fact, children are five times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than asthma, and seven times than hay fever.

Bronx Dental Clinic: Our Services

Dental and oral care services offered at our Bronx clinic include:

  • General examinations
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Dental X-rays
  • Dental fillings
  • Dentures
  • Referrals and care coordination with specialists
  • Outreach and health education programs to promote oral health

Good oral health is a journey, but it's one that you can start today! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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