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MHHC Patient Care Representatives (PCR)

Patient Care Representatives

While a trip to the doctor may be vital, the experience can be stressful as patients deal with uncertainty and health concerns. MHHC Patient Care Representatives (PCRs) are trained to ease the emotional and mental bumps by advocating for the patient through all phases of their medical treatment.

What is a Patient Care Representative?

A patient care representative answers patient inquiries about billing, procedures, policies and available services. They are also responsible for collecting patient feedback and acting as a liaison between patients and health insurance companies, as well as facilitating communication between patients and doctors or other medical staff.

The primary tasks of PCRs include:

  • Addressing patient concerns/complaints
  • Collecting patient feedback
  • Helping patients navigate the facilities
  • Patient Education

For more information, contact the Director of Patient Relations at (718) 483-1207 Ext. 2698