About Us

Message from our President & CEO

To Our Morris Heights Family,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for standing up and representing Morris Heights Health Center. Thank you for showing our community who we are. Thank you for coming together in these most challenging times to care for those who put their lives and the lives of their family in our hands.

We talk about who we are and what we stand for in this community…...a “Health Home” for those who have been historically underserved. I am proud to say that our ACTIONS are now echoing the words “Morris Heights, the CARING PLACE.”

We continue to push through, to go over and above, to set the example and to solidify the important role Community Health Centers play in keeping our communities vibrant even in what can appear to be the darkest of times.

But through all of this, I urge you to take care of yourself and each other.

A special thanks to the front line staff, who each day, face the unknown to insure the health of our community. Thank you to all those who, we may not be aware, as they work behind the scenes to keep the Morris Heights ship afloat. Those who, if not for them, our doors would not continue to be open and welcoming.

It is critical that we remain strong! It is critical that we always remain a pillar in this community! It is critical that our community understands that we can always be depended on.

My commitment is to YOU. To do all within my power to insure your safety. As important as this is to me it is equally important that we take steps now to insure when all this is over……and it will be over, that each and every one of you do not bear the wounds of this battle.

Every day things are changing and we will change accordingly and we will always have your best interest in mind. Our leadership team is here to support you, listen to you and insure this / our journey has as few obstacles as possible. We will take every step with you to insure, to the best of our ability, your safety and your physical and emotional health.

The Morris Heights Family is my number one priority. All I ask is your confidence, trust and your dedication to each other and those outside these walls that have nowhere to turn but to us.

Always remember the famous quote:

“We alone cannot change the world, but together we can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples………”

All the best to each and every one for now and always.

The words “Thank you” will never be enough to express my gratitude.

Mari G. Millet, President and CEO