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The MHHC Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) that pursues advocacy, grant funding and fundraising on behalf of MHHC’s mission of being the vanguard for quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for its community and beyond.

The MHHC Foundation utilizes several areas of fundraising in order to diversify its financial base. Endowments, special events, planned giving, direct appeals, corporate and Foundation assistance are avenues to which the Foundation turns as it pursues its mission. To expand its funding base, the Foundation is exploring venture opportunities for repeatable and controllable revenues while focusing on its mission of making a sustainable social impact in the Bronx community.

Other funding sources that will also provide a diversified income base include:

The Morris Heights University (MHU) – a training center that amalgamates and provides oversight for the organization’s expanding and complex clinical services. In addition, MHU offers educational and administrative training programs for staff development and performance improvement activities.

The Center of Health and Wellness – instills education and a sense of empowerment to participants by fully supporting all aspects of care – health, social and psychosocial – that embrace wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Non-medical revenue streams and business ventures such as elder care, day care and community development research.

For further information on the MHHC Foundation, events, support and how to get involved, visit the MHHC FOUNDATION WEBSITE or contact:

57-69 West Burnside Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

Tel: (718) 483-1270 Ext. 2523
Fax: (718) 924-2690
Email: info@mhhcfoundation.org

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