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Cultivating Health, Happiness in the Bronx

Cultivating Health, Happiness in the Bronx

BRONX - According to a study from Harvard Medical School, there is a correlation between health and happiness. 

Feelings of positivity and happiness can lower stress levels, which can potentially decrease your risk of developing health problems. Happiness cannot be achieved without health, and wellness cannot be achieved without health. To be happy, it is essential to create a sustainable lifestyle that includes healthy habits and activities that are enjoyable and complementary to YOU! 

MHHC’s 7 Ways to Achieve Happiness through Healthiness in 2023 

Eat Well 

Integrate fresh vegetables and fruit into your diet. Incorporate whole foods into your meals when you’re cooking for you and your family! 

You can visit MHHC’s Fresh Food Farmstand to pick up fresh produce every Wednesday from 11am-3pm on the corner of W Burnside Ave and W 179th St. The farmstand accepts WIC, SNAP, EBT, cash, and card. MHHC also offers nutrition focused workshops that provide educational demos on how to prepare healthy meals. 


Practice a sport, dance, go to the gym, go for a run, or take a walk. Visit your local YMCA and attend group classes, swim, or exercise. MHHC partners with the La Central YMCA and the Northeast Bronx YMCA to hold events related to fitness and exercise. 

Reduce Stress 

Meditate, do yoga, perform breathing exercises, or practice mindfulness to lower levels of cortisol. Yoga classes may be available at your local gym, community center, or YMCA.

Other ways to relieve stress are to do activities that require full focus, these are called flow activities. Besides yoga, this can be tai-chi, dance class, playing an instrument, playing a sport, painting, drawing, or reading a book. 


Getting sufficient sleep is essential for cell regeneration and a strong immune system. Getting adequate amounts of sleep every night leads to a longer life and lowers your chance of developing certain health conditions. Sleeping enough hours every night keeps your heart and brain healthy, improves memory, and lessens irritability. 


The world is your classroom and learning is a lifelong activity. It is important to stimulate your brain to prevent neurological issues and brain related diseases. 

Take the time to visit your local NY Public Library and check out a book about a subject that is interesting to you! Now more than ever it is so easy to access books and other publications through NYPL’s Grab & Go and Scan & Deliver programs. You can also visit a museum nearby such as the Museum of Bronx History and Historical Society. A NYPL card can give you access to museums all over NYC! 


Attend community events to connect with your fellow neighbors, learn about small local businesses, and learn more about MHHC and its partner organizations! MHHC offers healthcare screenings, giveaways, fun activities, raffles, entertainment, educational resources, classes, and health and wellness focused demos and workshops at its various community events. 

Go Outdoors 

Take a walk in your neighborhood at one of your local parks. The Bronx is home to many parks as well as the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy an educational walk— learning and being active simultaneously. The Bronx is also home to NYC’s third largest park, Van Cortlandt Park, where you can go for a walk, run, bike ride, or even horse back riding. 

MHHC’s role as a staple for health in the community it serves is a crucial part of the mission to make the Bronx a healthier and happier place to live. The healthcare organization not only provides accessible, high-quality healthcare to all, but also the resources necessary to live a healthier life. MHHC prioritizes community engagement through its community outreach events where MHHC’s mission comes to life and hope for a brighter future is created for all. 

2022 was a fulfilling year for MHHC as it created new partnerships and initiatives such as the Fresh Food Farmstand with GrowNYC and the Curb Your Craving for Sugar campaign designed to provide access to nutritional foods and education. 

MHHC is hoping to further its reach in 2023 with the development of new health focused initiatives in the form of events and workshops that cover a variety of topics such as nutrition, physical activity, and healthcare in exciting and innovative ways. One of the new initiatives is MHHC as the “Healthy Destination” of the community. “Eat Well” is the Meal Prep Nutrition Series of the “Healthy Destination” concept. It focuses on supporting health and wellness through nutrition education. The events feature a Bronx-based nutritionist that performs healthy recipe demos for the community. The next “Eat Well” session will take place at on February 15th at the La Central YMCA.

MHHC is proud to partner with the La Central Y for its “Eat Well” series as well as for events that promote physical activities such as exercise, swimming, and group classes. On January 25th, MHHC is having a “New Year, New Me” event with the La Central Y to motivate the community to get active and healthy together! 

All of MHHC's community events aim to help our community members create healthier habits for a happier new year and future. Event registration and details are available on MHHC’s Instagram @mhhc_inc – follow us to stay up to date with upcoming events and happenings in the community!