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MHHC Honors Staff In Observance of Veteran's Day

MHHC Honors Staff In Observance of Veteran's Day

BRONX, NEW YORK, November 11, 2021--This veteran’s day, we hosted a celebration of service luncheon in honor of our veterans who served in the armed forces to protect our nations freedom and values. The celebratory event included opening remarks from President & CEO Mari G. Millet, a proclamation letter signed by District 14 Council Member Fernando Cabrera and a gift as a small token of appreciation. The recipients of this award included:

  • Rafael Almodovar-served in the Marine Corps
  • Gary Chin -served in the Marine Corps
  • Salvattore PortoCarrero- served in the Marine Corps
  • Jesus Rivera- served in the Marine Corps
  • Frederick Dawson- served in the Marine Corps
  • Hassan Abdul Malik- served in the Navy
  • Roosevelt Mathews – served in the Army

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear uniforms of service,” expressed Ms. Millet “We're proud to have many of our own MHHC family among those who served. They have been frontline on the battlefield and now on the home front keeping our communities healthy. We’re thankful for their service and the sacrifices they’ve made.”

We recently spoke with Rafael Almodovar, Director of Purchasing and Gary Chin, Assistant Manager, Health Education, both Marine Corps veterans to discuss how their military values contributed to the success in their current role at MHHC.

“Joining the Marine Corps was the best decision I ever made,” explained Rafael “The military showed me how to channel my emotions and use it to accomplish things I never could have imagined. The Marine Corps core values are honor, courage, and commitment. I began to live by these values, and they just became a part of the man I am today. I take pride in my work. I care about getting things done and helping others. When I’m tasked with a project, I give 100 percent. If there’s one thing that I carried over from the Marine Corps, it would be that I’ll never fail at trying. The Marine Corps is where I began my career in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. I’ve been doing this for almost 29 years, and I still love every minute of it.

Rafael served 9 years in active duty. He contributes his love for military movies and clothing growing up as having an influence on his decision to join the U.S. military. He enlisted his junior year of high school and joined the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program which prepared him for a career in combat.

Like Rafael, Gary also contributes childhood memories of war depicted movies as an inspiration for joining the service. “I served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years. This opportunity gave me the ability to travel the world and it also afforded me the opportunity to attend college,” expressed Gary referencing the GI Bill that has helped qualifying veterans and their family members cover the cost for school, and trainings. “The Marine Corps instilled a lot of discipline in me and taught me to take pride in everything that I do. These are the attributes that I apply to my work here at Morris Heights Health Center.”

According to a top ten list of Best Careers After Service complied by the Navy Federal Credit Union in collaboration with Hire Heroes USA, healthcare is one of the leading industries for veterans transitioning from active duty. At MHHC we honor the skills and experiences gained while serving in the military and offer rewarding opportunities in professions where our veterans can thrive.

Looking to begin your next career at Morris Heights Health Center, visit our career page.