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Our Services

Health Center Serving the Bronx for Over 30 Years

Morris Heights Health Center is also known as The Caring Place-where the patient is at the center of everything we do. We offer inexpensive and free health care across a broad spectrum of services, serving our community with commitment and ensuring that our patients-of whom we serve more than 57,000 per year-receive the best care possible at our state of the art facilities located throughout the Bronx.

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We're Here to Meet Our Community's Needs

As you can see, Morris Heights Health Center reaches across the field of care to provide many different types of health care services, including a range of primary services, specialty services, women's care services, dental services, and mental health services, as well as educational and social services. We also maintain twenty school based health facilities in New York City public schools, ensuring that our community's students have access to quality health care.

Innovation, Quality & Inclusivity: Call Morris Heights Health Center

We were founded with one mission: The desire to serve as the vanguard for quality, affordable, and accessible health care in our area. Now, Morris Heights Health Center is recognized as a sought-after health care organization known for our exceptional system of care. We focus on equal access, inclusivity, integrity, respect, and quality. As always, we remain a patient-centered organization committed to excellence.

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Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Discover how MHHC's commitment to quality care makes a difference in the lives of the community.