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MHHC Gives Back to the Bronx

BRONX, NY--The Bronx has been the unhealthiest county in New York State for over a decade, and a core aspect of MHHC’s mission is to change that statistic and create a healthy Bronx. Since it’s conception in 1981, MHHC has developed and transformed itself into the community staple for health and wellness in neighborhoods across the Bronx. The Federally Qualified Health Center, known as “The Caring Place,” has strived to make the Bronx a healthier place by emphasizing the importance of caring for the health of its community through sharing—the sharing of resources that enable members of its community to live healthier lifestyles.The holidays are a special time for giving for everyone, but at MHHC, The Caring Place, there’s always a reason to give back to the community all year-round. Besides providing high quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare for all, MHHC acts as a catalyst for change in the Bronx through the provision of education on subjects such as nutrition, exercise, and preventative care, access to healthy food options through assistance programs and partnerships, and access to healthcare coverage.

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Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Discover how MHHC's commitment to quality care makes a difference in the lives of the community.