MHHC Presents a Family Planning Fun Fair!

MHHC invites all of you to join us on October 31, from noon-5pm for a fun fair! Free health screenings and more. It will be held at 57 West Burnside Avenue. Please click below for more information. We hope to see you all!

Family Fun Fair 2014(english)

Family Fun Fair 2014(spanish)

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MHHC Town Hall on Ebola

We want all of you to join us on at 4:30pm on Thursday, October 23 for a Town Hall Meeting on Ebola (Click the photo below for more details). We have top industry professionals who will be there to answer your questions and give you the facts on how the disease relates to your health, your community, and the Bronx. Dinner will be served.


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Ebola: The Facts from MHHC


What we know:

  • The Ebola virus has been identified in Africa since 1976 with outbreaks appearing sporadically in Africa since then
  • The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history affecting multiple countries in West Africa
  • On 9/30/2014 the CDC confirmed the first travel-associated case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the United States
  • CDC is working with other U.S. government agencies, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other domestic and international partners to prevent the spread of Ebola within the United States
  • Ebola virus is spread by

o    direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, or mouth) with blood or body fluids(including but not limited to feces, saliva, urine, vomit and semen) of a person who is sick with Ebola

o    objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus

o    infected animals

  • Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, by food.
  • A person infected with Ebola is not contagious until symptoms appear; symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to the Ebola virus but the average is 8 to 10 days
  • Signs and symptoms of Ebola typically include

o   Fever (greater than 101.5°F or 38.6°C

o   Severe headache

o   Muscle pain

o   Vomiting

o   Diarrhea

o   Stomach pain

o   Unexplained bleeding or bruising

What can we do:

  • In the healthcare setting it is vital for healthcare workers to recognize a potential case of Ebola and be ready to use appropriate infection control measures to avoid contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected patient
  • Appropriate procedures include (see Checklist for Patients Being Evaluated for Ebla Virus Disease in the United States)

o   Inquire about a history of travel to an Ebola-affected country (currently Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea) in the 21 days before onset of symptoms for any patient presenting with fever or other symptoms consistent with Ebola virus

o   Isolation of patients presenting with symptoms highly suspicious for Ebola with a history of recent travel to an Ebola-affected country or direct contact with a person infected with Ebola virus

o   Compliance with universal precautions including wearing of protective clothing, PPE, including masks, gloves, impermeable gowns, and googles or face shield by persons caring for a potentially infectious patient and hand hygiene, either hand washing or the use of alcohol-based gel sanitizers (preferred)

o   Timely communication within the organization and notification to the local health department

ebola infographic10614-page-001


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Kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Please join us today as we kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Morris Heights Breast Cancer October 2-page-001

Morris Heights Breast Cancer October 2-page-002

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Stitchie to Perform at MHHC

Stitchie-edit-faw_(1) (2)

Morris Heights Health Center, a group of health care providers located in the Bronx, NY is hosting an exciting free Health Care Festival and Fun Day on Saturday August 16 from 10 AM to 4 PM at its newest Bronx facility at 825 East 233 Street.

The Saturday daytime Bronx bashment forms part of MHHC’s celebration of National Health Center Week, and this special event promises to sizzle with a range of invigorating activities for all ages.

A huge magnet for the day’s activity will be a rousing live performance by dancehall pioneer, veteran and hit machine Stitchie. Over the years, Stitchie has enjoyed a dazzing career in both dancehall and gospel.  He has churned out a barrage of #1 hits including ‘Wear Yu Size’, ‘Natty Dread’, ‘Big Broad Hips’, ‘Night & Day’, ‘Bun It Dung’, ‘Dress To Impress’ and many more, and his electrifying showmanship alongside his lyrical genius have brought him rave reviews all over the world- from the dancehalls and church halls of Jamaica to the mega-size concert stadiums of Europe and Japan. He was the first dancehall artist to be signed by Atlantic Records, and he was recently named ”Best Performer’ at the recently held Rebel Salute concert in Jamaica. One of Stitchie’s singles, ‘Body Body’ promotes a better understanding for the workings of the human body, and it is sure to strike a familiar chord at the MHHC health care event.

But there will be a lot more stewing in the MHHC Festival and Fun Day pot. The facility will be offering free screenings for a number of health issues including HIV, blood pressure and glucose, and medical professionals will be on hand to offer guidance and information to attendees who have questions and concerns.

There will be loads of fun stuff too that will be simply too good to miss-  free hair cuts, face painting, a rising stars competition, a dance contest, music, food, ice cream for the kids, giveaways, and a number of New York City radio stations broadcasting live from the event. Residents of the community are urged to come out early to make the most of the day.

MHHC has a heritage of providing first class health care for Caribbean American, Hispanic and African communities in the Bronx for over thirty years, and the company is continuing that outstanding and impeccable tradition as it expands and grows. For more, go to

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