MHHC’s Carmen Polanco discusses the Health Homes program with BronxNet

Carmen Polanco discusses Health Homes with BronxNet

Carmen Polanco discusses Health Homes with BronxNet

Yesterday, MHHC’s Carmen Polanco sat down with BronxNet to discuss the Health Homes program at MHHC.

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Morris Heights Health Center pioneers breakthrough new health technology!

This year Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) in the Bronx has partnered with Zenith Technology Solutions (ZTS) to implement an exciting new platform that will help manage the care of their Medicaid Health Home members. All eligible patients will receive a mobile device that monitors various vital signs from the comfort of their own homes. These devices employ Integrated Care Delivery Platform (ICDP) software and smartphone technology. This allows MHHC providers to monitor their patients’ vital signs 24 hours a day. A Health Home is a care management service model whereby all of an individual’s caregivers communicate with one another; this insures that a patient’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, a “care manager” oversees and provides access to all of the services an individual needs to assure that they receive everything necessary to stay healthy and out of the emergency room.


Health Homes was made possible when the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid approved New York States’ Medicaid waiver in April of 2014 for the amount of $8 billion over five years. Named the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP), this program seeks to reduce avoidable hospital admittance by 25%. The majority of the $8 billion ($6.4 billion) will go to DSRIP to achieve this goal. Medicaid Redesign projects including Health Homes will have $1.08 billion in funding.

Morris Heights Health Center is a major provider of health care in the Bronx. Born out of the local need for quality care in the area, MHHC is a non-profit organization funded by federal, state and foundation grants and private and corporate donations.

ICDP from Zenith Technology Solutions is a revolutionary care coordination and outcomes management platform that helps care organizations successfully implement value-based care delivery models.

For any inquires or more information, please contact Carmen Polanco:


718-483-1270 ext. 2623

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National HIV Testing Day

Join us at MHHC for National HIV Testing Day here in the Bronx. Friday, June 27 from 11am until 3pm at 70 West Burnside Avenue.

National HIV Testing Day 2014

National HIV Testing Day 2014 Spanish

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MHHC & Fathers Appreciation Day


Please join Morris Heights Health Center in celebrating Fathers Appreciation Day! We have many funny activities planned  throughout the afternoon. See below for more details!

Fathers Appreciation Day 2014 (English)

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The 2014 MHHC Foundation Gala

Please join us as we continue to make an IMPACT on our community!

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