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The true impact of a COVID-19 outbreak in a U.S. community cannot be accurately predicted presently. It depends in large part on the systems and layers of responses we have available. One vital aspect of identifying and reducing the impact and spread of the disease, is testing. At present, Morris Heights Health Center cannot offer testing to our community. We are working diligently with the City to use any and all interventions as they become available. You may be assured that Morris Heights Health Center has taken steps to prepare for such an outbreak and to protect our patients, staff and community. We have developed a comprehensive, organization-wide emergency plan specific to COVID-19 and have communicated such to our staff. We provide systematic updates to our staff and patients through a variety of mechanisms. We are participating with key organizations and public health partners to inform care and response in our communities. Community residents can reach our call center at (718)716-4400 to receive updates about any policy changes for appointments and walk in visits. Our marketing department will be providing patient and other useful information to help our communities cope with the realities we are facing. Information is available at Please be assured that our clinical team follows the CDC and DOH guidelines of rapidly identifying, isolating and transitioning the patient through the next steps. Following these guidelines allows our staff to care for our patients safely.


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