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2016 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

  1. Ashely Armesto-- Bronx Leadership Academy
  2. Jorkaef Garcia-- Bronx Leadership Academy
  3. Priscilla Mbimadong-- Bronx Health Sciences High School
  4. Shaffiou Assoumanou-- International Community High School
  5. Lynn Nakimera-- Health Opportunities High School
  6. Emmanuel Ankomah-- Banana Kelly High School
  7. Deborah Ofosu-- Health Opportunities High School
  8. Shaquan Garnette-- High School for Energy and Technology
  9. Genesis Mora-- Academy for Language and Technology
  10. Joey Taverez-- Community School for Social Justice
  11. Sigfredo Santiago-- Community School for Social Justice
  12. Gavriella Rodriguez-- Saunders Trades and Technology High School

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