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2015 Scholarship Recipients

2015 Scholarship Recipients

  1. Kiana Ramos – Bronxwood Preparatory Academy

  2. Sheniqua Harrigan – Health Opportunities High School

  3. Kevin Atterbury – Community School for Social Justice

  4. Karen Lugo Felix – Community School for Social Justice

  5. Jason Serrano – New World High School

  6. Christal Graham – Bronxwood Preparatory Academy

  7. Kevin Ameyaw – New World High School

  8. Paige Pagan – Health Opportunities High School

  9. Aminata Kebbeh – Health Opportunities High School

  10. Kimberly Muentes – Community School for Social Justice

  11. Daizon Smalls – Grace Dodge Campus – Grace Dodge High School

  12. Joaquina Manzueta Deleon - Community School for Social Justice

  13. Edgar Martinez – Banana Kelly High School

  14. Esther Sowunmi – Health Opportunities High School


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